Friday Five {07.28.2017}: Ideas for the Week and Life

 Here are five things we are doing and loving this week to inspire you. This week was all about the “P’s” for us: potty training, piano, and priorities.  Read on for more…


POTTY TRAINING:  Tater Tot (3 years old as of April) has previously shown ZERO interest in the potty.  ZERO. As in not even used it once in the last six months.  All his friends at school are pretty much potty trained, so peer pressure was not working.  We were just waiting for him to be “ready” to finally start potty training.  After talking to some friends and reading Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do it Once and Do it Right by Jamie Glowacki, I got inspired that Tater was ready and we just needed to do it.  What I really liked about Glowacki’s approach is that she frames potty training as learning a new skill like learning to walk, ride a bike, or tie your shoes.  Intuitively you know this, but having her say it, made me approach potty training totally differently, and with a lot more patience (or so I think).  So we have spent most of the week at home naked, learning to use the potty.  We have had some successes and some not successes, but we are on our way; wish us luck.

Hope Post Kids Friday Five Ideas for the Week: Potty Training


PIANO:  Big D started to learn piano last year.  He has been using an electric keyboard that we have on our desk.  It works totally fine, but about six months, I started to feel like we needed a real piano to help teach him proper posture, technique, and to not drive me crazy with all the different electronic modes that the keyboard has.  We have been thinking, and debating for months, but we finally pulled the trigger and got one; and so far, no electronika has been playing in our house since.

Hope Post Kids Friday Five Ideas for the Week: Piano


PASTA, PIZZA, and RABBIT FOOD:  Since we spent a lot of time at home this week potty training, I had more time to do some meal planning and try out some new recipes.  All of them were delicious and would happily make again.  Sunday night I made Cauliflower Steaks with Two Bean Salad, (ie. Rabbit food according to Mr. H).  I added some tortellini for the kids, but Mr. H and I loved all the veggies.

Hope Post Kids Friday Five Ideas for the Week: Cauliflower Steaks with Two Bean Salad

Monday Night is pasta night at our house.  This Summer Squash and Basil Pasta was awesome.  I loved that the kids could pick around the zucchini if they wanted to (which of course they did), but at least it was in there, so maybe they got one or two inadvertently.

Hope Post Kids Friday Five Ideas for the Week: Summer Squash Pasta

Tuesday Night is pizza night at our house.  It is a big win because the kids love helping to make it and everyone gets to make their own version.  The kids of course had plain cheese, but I made this White Pizza with Shaved Vegetables and Pesto for Mr. H and I.  Over the past two years since we started pizza night, I have made a lot of different veggies pizzas, and this has probably been one of my favorites so far.

Hope Post Kids Friday Five Ideas for the Week: Pizza


PRIORITIES:  Since we have been traveling the last few months, I haven’t worked out since school was still in session (June wk 1, but who’s counting).  This week I made it a priority to get back moving again.  Big D is at camp, but I still have Tater Tot at home with me, so for nap time, we have been heading out to Lake Merced (near D’s camp) and I have been running while Tater naps in the stroller.  Win-Win for all.  Lake Merced is about a 4-4.5 mile loop, which is awesome, so I can’t wimp out and quit early.  Also, in case you are headed out to check it out, running counter clockwise is easier than clockwise (less wind and less uphill).

Hope Post Kids Friday Five Ideas for the Week: Lake Merced


PLAYING PILOT:  In the spring we discovered Larsen Playground on 19th and Vicente.  It is our new favorite playground where we can pretend to be traveling, even when we are not.  If you haven’t already checked it out, add it to your bucket list.

Hope Post Kids Friday Five Ideas for the Week: Larsen Playground

What have you been up to?  What are you loving this week?  Potty training tips for us, as we continue next week?

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