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Monthly Archives: February 2016

What Scares You

I first started thinking about creating a blog when people called me brave.   I don’t tend to think of myself as very brave.  I hadn’t done anything that I thought of as brave.  Someone who is brave does amazing things like give a speech in front of thousands of people, or fights brain cancer, or bungee jump off bridges.  I hadn’t done any of these things.  I had gone on an international trip with my family.  My husband and I and our three year old son, big D, and 5 week old, tater tot, had taken an amazing trip to Italy.  I hadn’t thought that it was brave our courageous, but just really fun.

As I posted facebook updates from our travels, people kept telling me I was brave to travel with young kids, so it gave me pause to think about why.  Was I brave?  Did it take courage to take two small children on long plane flights around the world?