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Daily Archives: October 18, 2017

How to Entertain Your Kids in An Airport: Survival Guide for Airplane Travel With Kids

Imagine it’s your birthday.  You woke up at 4AM to get on a flight for a family vacation.  You arrive at the airport, ready to go, get on the plane, are all seat belted in, kids and all, and then the pilot comes on the PA to announce that you can’t leave, your flight is cancelled.  The airport is a mess there was a plane crash the day before and the airport is down one runway.  You get off the plane and get in the long customer service line to find out what is the next plane you can get on.  TBD.  There are a few more flights leaving that morning, but no telling which will have space for your family.  Check back in a few hours.  All the while, your 2 year old is whining, tired, and cranky.  Worst birthday ever?  It actually turned out OK.  We rode the air train to different terminals, browsed the airport museum, ate cupcakes (it was my birthday after all) and 7 hours later got on a new flight for our destination.  Yes, true story of my 2013 birthday.  As a parent travel with kids can be hard, there is nothing worse than hearing “your flight is delayed”.  Entertaining kids at an airport is not easy, depending on how long your delay is, it can be torturous.  Here are my top 10 tips for entertaining kids at an airport to make those delays fly by and actually make airplane travel with kids fun.