Nothing is going to change post kids…or so many people say. I am a working mom trying my best to live up to this. Travel, family, friends, post kids is a little bit different, but how can you still enjoy all the things you loved pre-kids? Follow me as I try.

How Did I Fall in Love with Travel?
Born and raised in San Francisco, I was lucky enough to grow up traveling with my parents.  As I became an adult, that love of travel and the outdoors blossomed.  I went to college at Middlebury College in Vermont, where there is not a lot to do, except get outside regardless of the weather conditions. There I learned to love all kinds of outdoor activities from snowshoeing in sub-zero temperatures to hiking among the beautiful fall leaves.

One of the unique things about Middlebury is that a large percentage of the students study abroad.  Since Midd specializes in languages, you have to speak the language of the country you study in. Not being that handy with foreign languages, I was lucky enough to study abroad in a location where they would teach me the language…Tanzania, where I learned (and promptly forgot) Swahili.  Spending four months in Tanzania opened my eyes to a whole new world and really sparked my love of travel.

Post college, a friend and I were lucky enough to deepen our love of travel by spending five months traveling around India, Nepal, and Tibet.  Since then I was bitten by the travel bug and cannot get enough.  I was lucky enough to marry Mr. H who also shares my love of travel and the outdoors.  We travel and get outside as much as we can managing busy professional and personal commitments.

In 2011, we had our first child, big D, and in 2014, Tater Tot arrived, officially making us a family of four.  For many people, kids, especially small ones, can limit their passions.  Mr. H and I have been determined to continue to pursue our love of travel and the outdoors with our small kids, and hope that they will start to foster a love of these things too as they grow up.

More about Katy Hope
Living in San Francisco with Mr. H and our two little ones, I am a new stay at home mom/blogger.  Read more about my decision to transition from being a working mom to stay at home mom here.  Pre-kids I have traveled to almost 40 countries (6 of the 7 continents) on my own, with Mr. H, with friends, and with family.  Post kids, our family of four has traveled to 6 countries (3 continents).  We not only love to travel internationally, we love to explore new parts of the US as well.  We have traveled to 29 of the 50 US states, as well as Washington DC.  I am an avid outdoors woman with a passion for hiking, skiing, and exploring the outdoors.

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