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Bali Travel Budget for a Family of Four


Even with pretty expensive plane tickets, Bali is a relatively affordable international vacation for a family of four.  Here is a little insight into how much a week in Bali costs for mid-range accommodations and eating.  There is definitely much cheaper backpacker options for everything listed as well as much more expensive, higher end food and hotels.

Top 5 Activities in Bali with Kids


Bali was an awesome place to travel with kids.  It is a short flight from Australia, so there are a ton of Australian tourists, but coming from the US, we didn’t know a lot of people who had been to Bali and could give us personal perspective on where to go/what to do. Bali is to Australia what Hawaii is to the West Coast of the US or the Caribbean is to the East Coast of the US.  Because there are a decent amount of tourists, there are great hotels and restaurants, combined with a lot of interesting activities and culture to explore/learn about. We only had 5 days in Bali, and I wish we had more.  I feel like we missed a lot of great parts of Bali, I can’t wait to go back some day, there is so much more to explore.