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Panama Travel Budget for a Family of Four

Gone are my budget travel days when I would walk from hostel to hostel looking for the cheapest price.  We aren’t super budget travelers anymore, but at the same time, we want to get the best value for our money.  We don’t care about super high end restaurants or hotels, but do want mid-priced, well located hotels/airBNBs and restaurants that serve yummy food.  Here is a break down of our budget for a family of four for one week in Panama.

Top 5 Activities with Kids in Panama


We spent the week after Christmas in Panama.  A lot of friends asked us why we picked Panama?   We picked Panama because 1.) it is a relatively short flight from the US and good for a one week vacation 2.) it has beautiful beaches 3.)  it is warm in December 4.) it has interesting sights and culture and 5.) it is not super expensive (although prices are higher the week after Christmas, than other times of the year).

Panama is a great destination with kids, not only for the above reasons, but also because there are so many kid friendly activities once you are there.  During our week, we spent two and a half days in Panama City and four days on the beaches near Bocas Del Toro.  There is also amazing hiking in the rain forests inland (near Boquete), but we decided we didn’t have enough time to go there as well (reason to return!).  Here are our top 5 activities with kids we loved in Panama: