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You Would Never Know I Almost Died Six Months Ago

From looking at me you wouldn’t know that I almost died six months ago; that I could barely walk up a flight of stairs or even pick up our one year old.  I am generally a healthy person. I am a vegetarian who eats fish, exercise a couple of times a week, and aside from eating too much chocolate, don’t have any majorly bad habits. I am healthy, or so I thought.

The Easy Way Out

When you are traveling, you tend to meet fellow travelers,  hear about their stories,  sometimes our kids play together (sometimes not). A couple years ago, Big D and I were up early (the time change always gets us) and playing on the beach in Maui and met a lovely woman, whose husband was also in Maui for work. We got to talking; she was from Seattle and I asked her what she did. She set told me she was a stay-at-home mom who quit her job when she had kids. I asked her how she had made that decision and what her two kids, now grown up, thought about it? She told me she hoped that her boys recognized that she had sacrificed her career to spend more time with them.

Do A Happy Dance: Finding Balance

After big D arrived and I went back to work, I had the typical mommy guilt.  The feeling of not having enough balance in my life, not enough time with my kid (then it was only 1).  Big D was always one of the first kids at daycare and one the last kids to get picked up.  Ten to eleven hours at day care, a long day; I felt so bad.  I started the conversation with my manager then.  “I want more time with my kid”, “I want a more flexible schedule”  “I want to work part time”.  Although there was no one in our company doing it, my manager was totally open to the conversation (surprising) and totally supportive (even though she didn’t have kids herself).  AMAZING!  I told her I could be patient, but I wanted to start the conversation now.