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Parenting Books You Should Read This Year

I love a good parenting book, so when someone mentions a new one, I will general pick it up and give it a read.  Who doesn’t need parenting advice every once in a while?!  Here are a couple that I recently tried and found useful.  Check out the best parenting books of this year, add them to your list, and let me know what your favorites are.

Reading Roundup: Parenting Books That Will Change Your Life


I love to read self help books and in particular for the last couple of years I have been reading a ton of parenting books.  It started when Tater Tot arrived, which coincided with Big D turning 3 years old and some serious “asserting his independence” behavior.  I continue to read the occasional book as a new title catches my eye or just as a refresh on my parenting skills arsenal.   What have I learned from all these books?