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Category: A Perfect Day in SF

Discover San Francisco: A Perfect Day in the Outer Sunset/Parkside

The Sunset is the largest neighborhood in the city and, over the last five to ten years, has changed a lot.  Since we first moved to the sunset in 2007, a ton of new restaurants, coffee shops,  and stores have opened, broadening the opportunities that this neighborhood offers.  Given the large geographic area, there is a lot to do and see in this neighborhood, but here would be our absolute favorites in one perfect (and really long) day with kids in the outer sunset/parkside neighborhoods.

Discover San Francisco: A Perfect Day in the Outer Richmond/Sea Cliff

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Tater Tot and I go on adventures.  One of our favorite free things to do is discover new neighborhoods. Recently we have been visiting the Outer Richmond a bunch.  With gorgeous views and cute restaurants that are casual yet would rank high on any foodie’s list, it is a great spot to spend the day with kids.  Here is our Perfect Day in the Outer Richmond/SeaCliff.