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How to Entertain Your Kids in An Airport: Survival Guide for Airplane Travel With Kids

Imagine it’s your birthday.  You woke up at 4AM to get on a flight for a family vacation.  You arrive at the airport, ready to go, get on the plane, are all seat belted in, kids and all, and then the pilot comes on the PA to announce that you can’t leave, your flight is cancelled.  The airport is a mess there was a plane crash the day before and the airport is down one runway.  You get off the plane and get in the long customer service line to find out what is the next plane you can get on.  TBD.  There are a few more flights leaving that morning, but no telling which will have space for your family.  Check back in a few hours.  All the while, your 2 year old is whining, tired, and cranky.  Worst birthday ever?  It actually turned out OK.  We rode the air train to different terminals, browsed the airport museum, ate cupcakes (it was my birthday after all) and 7 hours later got on a new flight for our destination.  Yes, true story of my 2013 birthday.  As a parent travel with kids can be hard, there is nothing worse than hearing “your flight is delayed”.  Entertaining kids at an airport is not easy, depending on how long your delay is, it can be torturous.  Here are my top 10 tips for entertaining kids at an airport to make those delays fly by and actually make airplane travel with kids fun.

Friday Five {07.21.2017}: Ideas for the Week and Life: Martha’s Vineyard

Here are five things we are doing and loving this week on Martha’s Vineyard to inspire you.  We spent the last 10 days on our annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard.  Here are some of my favorite moments and things to do on this idyllic island.  For the Best Beaches of Martha’s Vineyard or my itinerary for a Perfect day in Edgartown, read these other posts.

Friday Five {06.30.2017}: Five Ideas for the Week and Life: Roadtrip Edition

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we spent the last couple of weeks roadtripping; 15 days later and 3,200 miles on the car, we are back home and settling in.  Here are five of my favorite roadtrip tips and moments from the last two weeks.  For my ultimate survival guide on road trip with kids, check out my post here.

How to Make Your Staycation Feel Like a Real Vacation

Want to get away, but don’t have the cash?  Don’t want to deal with the hassle of traveling with kids?  Need to use up some of your vacation time?  Whatever the reason is that you are taking a staycation, here is key to make your staycation feel like a real vacation.

The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Kids

Packing for kids takes time and can seem daunting at first.  I recently did a podcast with The Mom Vent and one of the hosts said that the reason she doesn’t travel as much with kids is that the thought of packing is overwhelming for her.  So to make it easier, here is your ultimate guide to packing for kids.

8 “Do’s” One Big “Don’t” of Packing for Travel With Kids

Packing for a trip can be daunting.  Packing for a trip with kids can be even more daunting.  The clothes, the gear, the toys, what should you bring and what should you not bring?  There is a lot to consider.  Here are my top tips for packing for travel with kids and my FREE downloadable packing checklists for both newborns/babies in diapers and older kids.

Five Things You Should Do On Every Trip

Every place you visit is different and every trip is different.  Some trips are for relaxing (ie. Hawaii), some are for activity (ie. hiking in Wyoming), some are for sight seeing (ie. Paris).  But there are five things that we do on every trip and you should too.  Here they are:

Road Trip Planner: Surviving Long Road Trips With Kids

With the holidays here, I am staring down over 30 hours in the car with our kids.  30 HOURS!!!!  If you are like me, you will probably be spending some time in the car with your kids traveling to see family or going on vacation during the upcoming holidays.  I used to be intimidated by the thought of a long road trip in the car with kids.  Anything longer than four hours and I was not into it.  Mr. H on the other hand loves road trips.  He doesn’t mind driving and it saves us a ton of $$.  He once drove to Seattle (13 hours of driving) when the boys and I flew and met him there!  After surviving a 9 hour each-way drive to San Diego this summer, I have come around; road trips with kids can be amazing.

I learned I can survive 9 hours in one day in the car with our two kids (2YO & 5 YO), by myself, and actually have fun!  Here are my best tips for how you too can survive any length roadtrip with kids:

Top tips for surviving any length roadtrip with kids

Travel Without Kids: Myth v. Reality

We love traveling with our kids, it is a lot of work, but still, both Mr. H and I genuinely enjoy taking our kids to new places (crazy, right?!).  For this reason, we hadn’t really talked about taking any trips without kids, that is, until we were presented with the option.  Mr. H was asked to go to Italy to give a talk, his and a companion’s airfare and hotel covered.  Who doesn’t jump at the chance to go to Italy on someone else’s dime?!  So we started talking about it, would we bring the kids?  Could Big D miss school?  How could we make it work?  We hadn’t left the kids with anyone for more than a night, so  we weren’t sure that was even an option.  Unexpectedly Grandma Hope offered to watch the little ones so we could go on our own.  “Yes, that sounds amazing, thank you so much!”  And this is how our first post-kids, no kids trip was planned.

How to Camp With (Little) Kids


Summer is almost over, but there is still time left to squeeze in a weekend camping before the weather turns.  Camping with small kids can be a daunting idea, but can also be amazing. Kids LOVE the novelty of camping, it is a fun weekend together as a family, and totally worth all the effort, and yes, there will be some effort put in.  Here are are my tips for taking small kids camping, surviving, and actually having fun: