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Worst Passenger on the Plane

As I prepare  for our next trip (18 hours of flying, eek!), I am reminded of how far we have come from being the “best behaved kid on the plane” to the self declared worst passenger on the plane and then back to somewhere in between.  When traveling with big D when he was little, people would come up to us in the airport after plane rides and tell us they had never seen such a well behaved kid.  (I kid you not.)  Even after an overseas flight to Paris with a 16 month old, we were receiving congratulations from other passengers on what a great traveler he was.  So it was quite a fall from grace, when after a five hour flight to Hawaii with big D and Tater Tot in September, we were asked “is he always like this?” (referring to Tater Tot’s plane antics).

Plane Activities For a Lap Infant


How do you keep your little ones busy on the plane? Particularly lap infants?  Big D has always been a great traveler, starting when he was little.  A couple of books, some snacks, crayons, and Play-Doh and we were all set for any plane flight from 1 hour to 12 hours.

When Tater Tot came along, for our first flight as a moving toddler (9 months) I packed our carry-on the same way.  The only thing I forgot was that he is a much more active kid and would only want to run up and down the aisles, ignoring all the carefully packed books, snacks, and crayons; good thing it was only a one hour flight to Seattle.  On our next flight (5 hours to Hawaii), I packed everything I could think of from post-its to books to silly putty to annoying electronic gadgets and so much more.