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Yellowstone with Kids: What to Know from A to Z

Yellowstone is one everyone’s bucket list at some point in time.  If it’s not, you should add it now and do it while your kids are young.  Yellowstone is a GREAT place for family vacations.  There is a ton for kids to do and explore and it has the most incredible scenery.  Here is my Yellowstone with kids from A to Z; what to see and do with kids in Yellowstone National Park.

Was 20 Hours of Driving Worth it for Two Minutes of Totality? What it Was Really Like Chasing the Eclipse

About a year ago, I was on a walk with a friend who was planning her August 2017 vacation.  She mentioned that she was planning it around the eclipse?  “What?!?”  I asked.  Was it really that cool?  Was it really worth traveling for?  Fast forward to August 14th, when I was searching for a place to stay in the path of totality for our own eclipse experience.  So was it really worth 20 hours of driving for 2 minutes of totality?  Here’s what it was really like chasing the eclipse.

Chasing the 2017 Eclipse: What it was Really Like to Travel to the Path of Totality

3 Days In Death Valley With Kids: What To See and Do

If you read my post last week, you are excited to plan your trip to Death Valley, but what should you do?  Death Valley is huge (the largest National Park in the lower 48) and you can spend days exploring if you want to see everything.  If you want to see just the top highlights you need at least 2-3 days (assuming you are staying in the park, so have less driving).  Here is an ideal itinerary for Death Valley With (or Without) Kids (all distances are round trip):

Day 1: Badwater Area
Day 2: StovePipe Wells
Day 3: Northern Death Valley

Death Valley With Kids: What You Need to Know

I recently became obsessed with Death Valley; I had seen a few pictures on pinterest and was stunned by how beautiful it was.  Despite only living 8 hours away for the last 30 years, I had never been, so it was time to plan a trip. So here is everything you need to know to know before you plan your trip to Death Valley National Park and why it is a great destination for kids.

Why You Need To Plan a Trip To Yosemite in Winter

If you haven’t been to Yosemite yet, add it to your wish list.  Yosemite is hands down one of the most beautiful places in the USA!  And if you haven’t been there in the winter, think about adding it to your seasonal list.  Yosemite in winter, in the snow, is stunning.  Not only is it beautiful, but there are no crowds!!!  Here are a few pics to inspire you from a trip we took with big D when he was just 9 months old.

Breaking Out of The Routine: Lassen National Park. Why You Should Add It To Your Wanderlust Bucket List

It is so easy to get comfortable, to do the same thing.  As a busy family there is a ton of value in routine and ritual, but there is also so much reward when you break out and try something different.  One of the best parts of starting a blog has been that it has inspired our family to try new things, to not rely on “what we have always done”.  We do this in small ways like going on an after-dinner sunset walk in a new place or eating new foods, and most recently in bigger ways by visiting Lassen National Park.

Two Miles With a Two Year Old: Kirby Cove


We love hiking with our little ones and one of the best parts of San Francisco is its easy access to beautiful hikes.  Hiking post-kids is not quite the same as hiking pre-kids, but still can be a lot of fun.  Here are my top tips for hiking with kids: