Friday Five {04.28.17}: Ideas for the Week and Life

Here are five things we are doing and loving this week to inspire you.


Aloha!  This week we returned from spring break on the island of Oahu.  It was hard to return to reality and the jet lag affected all of us, but five days later we are all back on track.  Check out some of our favorite activities on Oahu in my recent post Top 10 Activities on Oahu with Kids.


I started reading The Spiritual Child by Lisa Miller, about the importance of spirituality in children, how children have a natural spirituality, the benefits of spirituality, and how to cultivate it as a parent.  I picked up the book after listening to a podcast on spirituality in children on The Mom Vent, and have been loving it so far.  I also picked up The Three Questions by John Muth, at the library on a recommendation from the podcast.

The Spiritual Child

The Three Questions by John Muth


Big D had a field trip to the Marine Mammal Center this week.  The Marine Mammal Center is one of the largest marine mammal hospitals in the world.  Admission is free and they provide a ton of information about the animals they treat, how, and why.  I have been wanting to check it out for a long time, so was happy to have the opportunity to see it with D and his class.

Friday Five: Ideas for the Week and Life: Marine Mammal Center

Friday Five: Ideas for the Week and Life: Marine Mammal Center


I can hardly believe that it was almost exactly a year ago that we had our three week Bali/Singapore trip!!  It was an amazing family trip and such a special treat to be able to travel for almost three weeks!

Check out my Bali top posts here:

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Friday Five: Ideas for the Week and Life: Bali


I love the lighting up of San Francisco City Hall, whether its orange and black for the SF Giants or rainbow for pride, it is always beautiful.  Curious about the process?  Here is more info on Who is behind the City Hall Lights.

Friday Five: Ideas for the Week and Life: SF City Hall

What have you been up to?  What are you loving this week?  What books should we pick up next?

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