Holiday Traditions We Love and How to Create New Ones

As the holidays approach we have been indulging in all our favorite holiday traditions from gingerbread houses to cookie baking to advent calendars, we have some holiday traditions that we love and some that maybe we need to update.  But how do you go about that process?

The holidays are full of all kinds of traditions, some we love and are important for us like our annual gingerbread house decorating with some of my girlfriends and their families , some are silly like watching all the claymation holiday movies, and some we still need to create.

Some of our favorite holiday traditions have been:

  • Gingerbread Houses with My Girlfriends and Their Families
  • Baking Lots of Holiday Cookies
  • Deck the Halls with the SF Symphony
  • Family Holiday Party with all its Chaos and Merriment
  • Advent calendar of Little Books Counting Down to Christmas
  • Reading Christmas Books All Month Long
  • Seeing Santa with the Grandparents
  • And so many more…

I was on a mom date the other day and the other mom was talking about how their family was reviewing their family traditions and thinking very purposefully about which ones they love and want to keep and what they want to add to their holiday season.  We have our traditions, but what I loved about our conversation was how purposeful they were about which traditions they wanted to cultivate and including the kids in that conversation.

Holiday Traditions Cultivating Old Ones and Creating New OnesAs many great traditions as we have, there are also traditions that we have that we sometimes don’t love.  One of the great parts of living in the same city as where you and your husband both grew up is that you can do holidays together with both sets of parents, but somehow whenever we do that we never love it.  It shortchanges both families.  After a big all parents-on-deck thanksgiving dinner this year, Mr. H and I reflected in the car…”we shouldn’t do that any more”.  It’s a tradition that we have been doing the last ten years, but maybe one that needs updating.

There are also traditions that we want to add to our holidays.  Now that the kids are getting older there are so many fun holiday things that we can do with them,  things like the going to see the nutcracker, which we did for the first time with both boys this year.  The other tradition I have been waiting on until the boys get bigger is finding a place to volunteer during the holidays.  We are so lucky to have great friends, family, jobs, and resources and know that there are so many others who are not as lucky.  I would love to find a great place to share our time and spread some holiday cheer for others.  In the past we have collected gifts for Toys of Tots, but there is so much more we can do.  My project for next holiday season is to find us that opportunity.

I love the holiday traditions that we have, and I am so looking forward to creating new ones with our boys and finding out what new holiday traditions they want to create too.  What are your holiday traditions that you love or maybe those that you want to change?

With Christmas just a few days away I wanted to wish you all a huge happy holidays! Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends or whatever your holiday tradition may be!

 Holiday Traditions- Cultivating Old Ones and Creating New Ones





  1. Kathleen Ramirez | 7th Jan 18

    It reminds me some beautiful memories of my childhood. Happy to see you enjoying with kids. Wish you a Happy New Year =))

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