How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip to Legoland

Legoland is a great place to go with young kids.  I would almost say that our kids (and I) liked it even better than Disneyland.  Here’s why:  1. ) Everything in Legoland is targeted to kids under age 10.  Disney has a much broader appeal for a wider range of ages, but Legoland is really targeted at younger kids.  2. ) They have everything from rides to shows to waterpark and more.  3.) Legoland is also super interactive; a lot of their rides are not just rides, but the rider actual has to participate.  Here is how to get the most out of your trip to Legoland.

Buy Your Tickets Ahead of Time

If you shop ahead, you can get great discounted tickets to Legoland.  Various discounts are offered through different places, but we found that Costco had the best deals when we were traveling.  If you are a teacher, there are even better discounts available.  Do a quick Google search for your home state and see what you can find, planning and buying ahead definitely pays off.

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Go While Your Kids are Young

Legoland is largely targeted at young kids (under age 10) and the kids can feel it.  They can ride almost every ride and it makes them feel important.  We went with kids ages 2-6.  The 5/6 year olds in our group could do most of the rides (accompanied by an adult) in the park and LOVED it.  This was also the first theme park our 2 year old really truly enjoyed and had rides/activities targeted at that younger age group.  Go when your kids are young to maximize the potential of Legoland.

Do Your Ride Research

Similar to any trip, read up on some of the rides before you go and what you think your kids might like (or might be scared of).  We read a lot of trip advisor reviews and a few different blog posts to get a feel for the different rides.  Similar to many theme parks, there is a lot to do and to do everything in one day is nearly impossible.  The 2-3 year olds in our group loved the Legoland Express and Duplo Playtown, while the 4-6 year olds in our group loved Lego Technic Coaster, Junior Driving School, and Coastersaurus.

Young Kids Go Left, Bigger Kids Go Right

Legoland has something for all ages of kids, but there are definitely certain areas of the park which are better for younger versus older kids.  Explorer Island and Lego Friends Heartlake City (to the left of the entrance), are great for young kids.  There you will find the carousel (Mia’s Riding Camp) a Lego playground (Duplo Playtown) and some smaller rides/attractions.  There is also a Lego Friends show that the 2 year olds in our group LOVED.  Ninjago, Land of Adventure, Star Wars, Imagination Zone (to the right) all have some of the larger rides/roller coasters for the older kids.  In these areas, there are also rides for younger kids to have fun as well if you don’t want to split up.

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Don’t Miss Miniland

Miniland is iconic landmarks from around the world built out of Legos.  We were talking to one friend recently who only went to Legoland and spent their entire day at Miniland (their kids didn’t even realize there were rides!).  Our kids loved watching the cable car, taxis and cars of Miniland drive around the little city and exploring all the nooks and crannies of the city.

How to get the Most Out of Your Trip to Legoland

Bring a Friend

Similar to most theme parks, it is really hard to go to Legoland and not have a 1:1 ratio of adult to kids.  Given the different height requirements and attraction of different rides for different ages, it can be really challenging not to have one adult for every child in your group.  When we went, Mr. H had a conference in San Diego, so couldn’t actually join us at Legoland, but we went with some other families which was essential in having someone to take Big D on rides that Tater Tot was too little or didn’t want to go on.

Don’t Forget the Swimsuits

Legoland has 2 great waterparks (and they are building more!); you could spend the entire day at the water park if you wanted to, so make sure you are planning in enough time for the water parks too.  There are multiple different slides, rides, and attractions for all levels of swimming.  They also have lockers where you can lock up your valuables and life jackets for the little ones.  So bring your swimsuits, a towel, and plan in enough time (or an entire day) to enjoy this part of the park as well.

What are your favorite tips for Legoland?  What is your favorite ride or experience at the park?

How to get the Most Out of Your Trip to Legoland





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