Discover San Francisco: A Perfect Day in the Outer Sunset/Parkside

The Sunset is the largest neighborhood in the city and, over the last five to ten years, has changed a lot.  Since we first moved to the sunset in 2007, a ton of new restaurants, coffee shops,  and stores have opened, broadening the opportunities that this neighborhood offers.  Given the large geographic area, there is a lot to do and see in this neighborhood, but here would be our absolute favorites in one perfect (and really long) day with kids in the outer sunset/parkside neighborhoods.

Start Your Day At…

Devil’s Teeth Baking Company:  This bakery has THE BEST breakfast sandwich in San Francisco, it is made on their homemade buttermilk biscuits and melts in your mouth.  They also have delicious beignets on Sunday.  Get there early to avoid the line and enjoy your sandwich and pastries in the parklet in front while the kids draw with chalk.

Andytown Coffee Roasters:  This place has a perpetual line out the door, but the coffee is worth the wait.

Home:  This cute coffee shop has “toast” for the kids (ie. thick cut cinnamon toast that oozes butter and sugar) and creative coffees for the adults (birthday cake latte, lavender tea latte, etc.)

A Perfect Day in the Outer Sunset: Devil's Teeth

Start Your Adventures At…

The San Francisco Zoo.  Not to be missed is the grizzly bear feeding.  It happens at 10:30, so make a beeline for the bears the minute you get to the zoo.  It is one of the coolest things at the zoo.  They let the grizzly bears forage for their own food, including fishing in their pond and finding food in their waterfall.  It is a beautiful enclosure and pretty fun to watch.  Also not to be missed is the playground, it is one of the the most fun and beautiful playgrounds in the city, save it for the end as it is near the entrance/exit (plus once your kids get to it, they won’t want to do anything else).  Insider tip:  Get there right when the zoo opens at 10AM and there is plenty of parking on the street for free (no time limit).

San Francisco zoo.bear feeding

Also keep an eye out for the peacocks which roam wild at the zoo.

San Francisco Zoo.Peacock

San Francisco Zoo.Lion

For Lunch Head Over To…

Java Beach:  Sure, you could eat lunch at the zoo, but let’s be honest, it won’t be that great.  Instead, head across the street to Java Beach where they have salads, sandwiches, bagels and more.  (They also have a bigger location with even more outdoor seating at their second location on Judah and LaPlaya)

A Perfect Day in the Outer Sunset: Java Beach

Don’t miss the giant dog head on the corner of Sloat and 45th outside Java Beach.  Kids love it.

After Lunch…

Head north to Golden Gate Park and check out the windmill and the Bison.  Golden Gate Park is home to a herd of buffalo/bison, it is a little random, but a fun afternoon.

A Perfect Day in the Outer Sunset: Golden Gate Park Windmill

Get the Kids Energy Out At…

If the kids still have a lot of energy, check out the Golden Gate Park 45th ave playground; with its life size boat, kids love this spot.  Airport themed, Larsen Playground (on 19th and Vicente) is also a favorite.

Hope Post Kids Friday Five Ideas for the week: Larsen Playground

Stop for an Afternoon Snack at….

Swich:  This local coffee shop/bakery has delicious baked goods and tasty sandwiches.  They also have great coffee and serve homemade biscotti with every cup.  (pictured below)

Trouble Coffee:  Another great place for “toast”, with strong coffee, delicious cookies, and an adorable parklet, this tiny coffee shop is a must for any coffee snob.

Perfect Day in the Outer Sunset.Swich

Go For a Sunset Walk At…

If you are spending the day in the sunset, you can’t miss the best place in the city to watch a sunset: Fort Funston.

Perfect Day in the Outer Sunset- Sunset at Fort Funston

End Your Day With Dinner At…

Outerlands:  Head to outerlands for their incredible food, casual atmosphere and great interior design.  They are also great for brunch/lunch.  Make reservations ahead of time to avoid a wait.

Sunset Brewing:  For a more casual vibe, locally made beer, and to watch the game that night, check out sunset brewing.

What are your favorite spots in the outer sunset/parkside?

A Perfect Day With Kid in San Francisco: The Outer Sunset & Parkside





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