Where to Donate ANYTHING in San Francisco

I love to clean out and declutter, but how do you find a good home for all your items that you used to love, but can no longer use?  We love the Salvation Army and Goodwill, but a lot of times there are items they don’t take (ie. office supplies or construction materials) or sometimes I want to support smaller organizations that can better maximize the items I am donating.  Here is a listing of where to donate absolutely anything in San Francisco.

And if you are looking for tips on decluttering with your kids, check out my blog post here.


Friends of San Francisco Public Library: Donate books, DVDs, movies and more.

SF Homeless Prenatal Program:  Accepts used children’s books.

Project Cicero:  New and gently used books for children and teens.


St. Anthony’s:  Like new clean clothing of all kinds.  Curbside drop off seven days a week 9AM-2PM.

Sports Basement: Accepts shoes.

Dress for Success: Accepts gently used women’s professional clothing.

Community Thrift Store:  Accepts clothing and sells it at its’ thrift store, proceeds benefit local nonprofits.

Construction Materials

Building REsources:  From old construction supplies to gardening materials to wood to hard furniture, Building REsources accepts a large variety of donations.  If you are doing a construction project and looking to recycle materials this is a great place to donate or procure your own items at a low cost.

Recology SF: IN addition to all the other true trash Recology collects, they also recycle paint.  You can drop off at a drop off location and also pick up a can if you need it.


Ewaste SF: Collects all electronics working or not at their drop off location in SF.

San Francisco Goodwill:  Will accept various electronic items including: laptops, tablets, lamps, alarm clocks, etc.

Recology SF:  Recology will recycle your old electronic waste items either through bulky item pick up or drop off locations.


St. Anthony’s: Donations of personal or family sized portions of fresh fruit, vegetables, canned and dried goods can be dropped off at 121 Golden Gate Avenue, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. These items will be distributed through our Social Work Center’s Food Pantry Program.

San Francisco Marin Food Bank:  Canned Food and non-perishable items.

Rescue Leftover Cuisine:  Leftover catered food from events, call ahead to arrange a pickup at the end of your event, easy.


Community Thrift Store:  Accepts furniture, bric a brac, collectibles and more.  Community Thrift Store then sells the items at its’ thrift store, and proceeds benefit local nonprofits.

Kids and Baby Items

Kids and baby items can be hard to get rid of due to safety concerns.  In addition to the below resources as well as Goodwill and Salvation Army, I have also found the best place to donate is to smaller nonprofits that we are connected with either through our preschool or through friends who work there.  You can also try stopping by organizations in your neighborhood and asking if they need  your items.

SF Homeless Prenatal Program:  Diapers, wipes, unopened formula, used kids clothing and books, and used maternity clothing.

SF Smiles: Car Seats (unexpired) and Strollers, and a variety of other kids/baby items.

Edgewood: Accepts like new toys, clothing, and a large variety of other items.

Medical Supplies

San Francisco SPCA:  Last year I had a small supply of misc medical items that I had used for a PICC line including alcohol wipes, etc.  The SPCA will accept these unopened items.

Office Supplies

SCRAP: SCRAP accepts most office supplies or old art materials.

Pet Items

San Francisco SPCA: lightly used towels, chew toys, kennels, crates, beds, and leashes are all accepted.  Item must be able to be laundered.


La Casa De Las Madres:  Accepts a variety of new and unopened toiletry items.

St. Anthony’s: Accepts a variety of new and unopened toiletry items.

Other Resources

If you have an item not listed above, try visiting RecyleWhere, an online resource directory listing places to donate or recycle various items.

Craigslist:  It may not technically be a donation that the IRS will give you, but I have hands down found the most effective and easiest way to get rid of most items is by listing it for free on craigslist.  Sometimes you have to list and relist a couple of times, but someone almost always comes and takes it.

Recology SF Bulky Item Pickup:  If you haven’t already used the bulky item pick up from Recology, you should check it out.  Any regular garbage customer gets 2 free pickups a year of up to 10 items each pick up.  It is easy to set up and they come remove all that stuff that is not donatable anywhere else.

Facebook:  My neighborhood (the inner sunset) has a facebook parents group.  People are constantly posting items they have to donate or if they work at a nonprofit that they may be looking for.  It is a great and relatively easy way to donate in your neighborhood.

Where is your favorite place to donate items?  Let me know, we are always looking for places who will be able to use our items.

Where to Donate Anything in San Francisco








  1. MBN | 14th Mar 17

    LOVE this list- so helpful! Thanks for these decluttering tips.

    • Katy Hope | 20th Mar 17

      Thanks Michele! So glad this is useful!

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