19 Kid Friendly San Francisco Events not to miss in February

After the hub-bub of the holidays, quieter days have returned, but there are still a ton of fun kid friendly San Francisco events in February 2018, read on for 19 kid friendly events not to miss this month.

Where to Donate ANYTHING in San Francisco

This post was originally published in 2017 and has been updated for 2018.

I love to clean out and declutter, but how do you find a good home for all your items that you used to love, but can no longer use?  We love the Salvation Army and Goodwill, but a lot of times there are items they don’t take (ie. office supplies or construction materials) or sometimes I want to support smaller organizations that can better maximize the items I am donating.  Here is a listing of where to donate absolutely anything in San Francisco.

And if you are looking for tips on decluttering with your kids, check out my blog post here.

Holiday Traditions We Love and How to Create New Ones

As the holidays approach we have been indulging in all our favorite holiday traditions from gingerbread houses to cookie baking to advent calendars, we have some holiday traditions that we love and some that maybe we need to update.  But how do you go about that process?

The Best Holiday Cookie Recipes to Try This Season

I love to bake and I have the biggest sweet tooth, so it makes sense that I love to bake holidays cookies.  Gingerbread, peppermint, sugar, I love them all.  There are so many great holiday cookie recipes, here are some of my favorite recipes from the past few years that I have tried and keep making.

36 of the Best Kid Friendly San Francisco Events in December 2017

December is here and the Bay Area Kids scene is so busy with all the great activities this month!!  I love the holidays, the lights, the music, the sugar; having kids has only made the holidays even better as we venture out and try out all the fun activities the city has to offer.  Here are the 36 of the best kid friendly San Francisco events in December 2017 not to miss.

Parenting Books You Should Read This Year

I love a good parenting book, so when someone mentions a new one, I will general pick it up and give it a read.  Who doesn’t need parenting advice every once in a while?!  Here are a couple that I recently tried and found useful.  Check out the best parenting books of this year, add them to your list, and let me know what your favorites are.

The 21 Coolest Kid Friendly San Francisco Events in November 2017

November is here.  Thanksgiving is around the corner and the holidays will soon be upon us.  Here are the best kid friendly San Francisco events happening this November 2017.

How to Entertain Your Kids in An Airport: Survival Guide for Airplane Travel With Kids

Imagine it’s your birthday.  You woke up at 4AM to get on a flight for a family vacation.  You arrive at the airport, ready to go, get on the plane, are all seat belted in, kids and all, and then the pilot comes on the PA to announce that you can’t leave, your flight is cancelled.  The airport is a mess there was a plane crash the day before and the airport is down one runway.  You get off the plane and get in the long customer service line to find out what is the next plane you can get on.  TBD.  There are a few more flights leaving that morning, but no telling which will have space for your family.  Check back in a few hours.  All the while, your 2 year old is whining, tired, and cranky.  Worst birthday ever?  It actually turned out OK.  We rode the air train to different terminals, browsed the airport museum, ate cupcakes (it was my birthday after all) and 7 hours later got on a new flight for our destination.  Yes, true story of my 2013 birthday.  As a parent travel with kids can be hard, there is nothing worse than hearing “your flight is delayed”.  Entertaining kids at an airport is not easy, depending on how long your delay is, it can be torturous.  Here are my top 10 tips for entertaining kids at an airport to make those delays fly by and actually make airplane travel with kids fun.

Friday Five {10.13.2017}: Five Ideas for the Week and Life

Happy Friday! Here are five things we are doing and loving this week to inspire you. Read on for more friday five ideas for the week and life…

Yellowstone with Kids: What to Know from A to Z

Yellowstone is one everyone’s bucket list at some point in time.  If it’s not, you should add it now and do it while your kids are young.  Yellowstone is a GREAT place for family vacations.  There is a ton for kids to do and explore and it has the most incredible scenery.  Here is my Yellowstone with kids from A to Z; what to see and do with kids in Yellowstone National Park.