Five Things You Should Do On Every Trip

Every place you visit is different and every trip is different.  Some trips are for relaxing (ie. Hawaii), some are for activity (ie. hiking in Wyoming), some are for sight seeing (ie. Paris).  But there are five things that we do on every trip and you should too.  Here they are:

Hope Post Kids Friday Five {no. 2}: Ideas For the Week and Life

Here are five things I am loving and doing this week:

3 Days In Death Valley With Kids: What To See and Do

If you read my post last week, you are excited to plan your trip to Death Valley, but what should you do?  Death Valley is huge (the largest National Park in the lower 48) and you can spend days exploring if you want to see everything.  If you want to see just the top highlights you need at least 2-3 days (assuming you are staying in the park, so have less driving).  Here is an ideal itinerary for Death Valley With (or Without) Kids (all distances are round trip):

Day 1: Badwater Area
Day 2: StovePipe Wells
Day 3: Northern Death Valley

Hope Post Kids Friday Five {no. 1}

Here are five things I am loving and doing this week:

Death Valley With Kids: What You Need to Know

I recently became obsessed with Death Valley; I had seen a few pictures on pinterest and was stunned by how beautiful it was.  Despite only living 8 hours away for the last 30 years, I had never been, so it was time to plan a trip. So here is everything you need to know to know before you plan your trip to Death Valley National Park and why it is a great destination for kids.

Kid Friendly San Francisco Events February 2017

February is here!  The month of love, Black History Month, Chinese New Year, and so much more!  Last year February was a pretty tough month for us (read bout it here).  So we are so looking forward to a total change this year and taking part in all the great events happening this month.  Read on for a listing of all the great kid0friendly events happening in February 2017 in San Francisco.

The Best Granola Recipes to Start Your Day

Crunchy describes a kind of outdoorsy lifestyle, but it also describes what I love to eat every morning.  But why, oh why, is grocery store granola so expensive?!?!!  Being frustrated by the sky high price of granola, a handful of years ago, I started making my own.  I have tried a lot of different granola recipes, but keep coming back to the same three.  Why?  1.) They are super easy, 2.) I usually already have the necessary ingredients in my cupboard, and 3.) they are DELICIOUS!   Check out these three easy and delicious granola recipes and let me know if you agree:

Best Rainy Day Activities With Kids in San Francisco

We haven’t seen rain in three years, so my bag of tricks for what to do on a rainy day is a little low.  With all the recent rain, I have totally maxed out my ideas!!  Browsing around the web, I found a dearth of inspiration for what to do with kids on a rainy day in San Francisco, so I thought I would share my ideas of the best rainy day activities with kids in San Francisco in hopes that some of you may share yours with me and give me some inspiration of new ideas to try.

Revolutionize Your Wardrobe: Rethink How You Shop

This is part 2 in the series of how to transform your closet forever, for part one, visit: declutter your closet forever!

Now that your closet is on its way to being clean out and organized, it is time to address the second reason for a cluttered closet:  shopping!  To fully transform and permanently declutter your closet, you need to rethink how and when you shop.  I have been decluttering my closet for years (no really, years), but it wasn’t until more recently when I actually changed the way I shopped that I feel like my closet has been permanently transformed.  To truly transform your wardrobe and permanently declutter, you need to rethink how, when, and what you add to your closet.  If you don’t you will be decluttering forever.

Minimalist Mom: Declutter Your Closet, Forever!

It’s that time of year when we tend to take a look at our lives and weed out the stuff we don’t want/use.  I love to declutter (it drives Mr. H crazy!).   I have read all the books and articles I can get my hands on and tried many different methods (one in/one out, 30 day minimalism game, give away anything you haven’t worn in 3/6/9/12 months, etc).  By trying all of these different methods,  I have found the one method that is the most effective at permanently decluttering  my closet.  Not only is my closet more organized, but it is easier to put together an outfit in the morning.   Curious?  Let’s get started!